Liquid Crystalline Matrix: Energy Medicine Corner

Have you ever read the book, "Living Rainbow H20"? 

To learn more about the power of frequency and water and how it relates to the body, check out this book! Today we are looking at a chapter in Mae Wan Ho's book, which is entitled: "Protein and Water in Nanospace"

She says in her book, "Collagen is the main protein in connective tissues and the most abundant protein in mammals. Connective tissue also contains a lot of water; soft connective tissues are typically 60-70% water by weight. The proteins and water constitute the liquid crystalline matrix in which every single cell in the body is embedded, making connective tissue the ideal medium for intercommunication."

Proper balance in the body is similar to "structured water aligned with collagen in the connective tissues, and qi, the positive electron currents carried by jump conduction of protons through the hydrogen-bounded water molecules aligned with collagen fibers.". This is similar to balancing the meridians of the body. Through meditation, long walks, relaxation and playing the Genius frequencies, this state of coherence and alignment is achieved! 

What relevance does this information have to our understanding of the reach of the Genius? 

  • Water is incredibly impressionable. The frequencies you play from the Genius are constantly shaping this living crystalline matrix, which is throughout your entire body. Every part of your body has connective tissue intertwined between organs, glands, muscles and more. Affect just one part of this matrix and every part is affected. 
  • This matrix, formed by the connective tissue, also means that any change in the body caused by resonance (frequencies) will cause a change to the entire body! Any system that you change will affect all the others!
  • The Genius plays frequencies that promote Coherence in the body, which is similar to creating structured water. 
  • Playing Genius frequencies on a regular basis will help to shape this matrix to what YOU want it to become. What frequencies will you choose today? 
  • Genius Challenge: Imprint frequencies from your Remedy Imprinting Plate into water for yourself. Take your aura picture before drinking the water and then about 30 minutes after drinking the water. What has changed? 

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