House Clearing with the Genius Biofeedback System

Did you know that how you are feeling each day could be affected by the energy in your home? And that a house clearing with the Genius Biofeedback system could make a difference? 

Your home is a form of consciousness. It's vibrations quality is comprised of many things. This includes the builder's energy, the energy of people who have lived in the place over time and the words that are spoken within the home. All of these create an energetic vibrational experience for the person who visits or dwells there. 

What happens to a space when people are very angry or in place where people are argumentative? The energy can become part of the consciousness of the space. However, that can be changed. By running frequencies within the place or focusing frequencies through remote sessions, you can change the vibration of the location.

Want to try this for yourself? It's easy! Use this Step By Step Home Clearing Guide 

You can do this process with or without the Home Clearing Libraries. This set of 5 Libraries tests for issues such as Geopathic Stress, EMF stress and other issues. Check out the Home Clearing Libraries here