Clearing Brain Fog and Nourishing Your Adrenals: Kidney Meridian Basics

An amazing aspect of the Genius Biofeedback system is the Meridians Panel. This part of the Genius is practically a stand alone program. Working on the Meridians Panel is a great way to speed up your progress and get great results. This is because the meridians are able to reach all the areas of mind, body and spirit. Gaining an understanding of the meridians can help you to choose a meridian or a point to obtain a specific purpose. 

Let's explore some significant aspects of the kidney meridian. It is considered to be the root of life. This meridian is a reservoir of your vital force and the seat of courage and willpower. It is said to control the growth and development of the bones and nourishes the marrow, which is the source of red and white blood cells. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, the spinal cord and brain are considered to be forms of marrow in the body. 

Do you have issues with memory or thinking clearly? Poor memory and brain fog are issues related to the kidney meridian, also known as deficient kidney energy.Are you dealing with issues of hair thinning or hair loss? The kidney meridian's strength is reflected by the condition of the head, body hair, and even the health of the ear and hearing. Do you have ringing in the ears (tinnitus) may be related to kidney energy deficiency. Energetically, the kidney is the set of courage and willpower. Any issues with fear, panic attacks and worry? Consider working on the kidney meridian.

When the kidney meridian is balanced, the person may experience: wisdom and clear perception. Once you balance the kidney meridian, you may find that you know what to do in the situation and the courage to carry that out!

Important Points:

Kidney 1 - Bubbling Spring. Located at the bottom of the foot. Use acupressure to this point daily for powerful grounding and tonifying of the entire meridian

Kidney 3 - Supreme Stream. Located halfwah between the inner ankle and the Achilles tendon. Very helpful for nourshing and consolidating vitality in the body!


Place the Kidney Meridian as well as points from the Kidney Meridian, which appear as red or blue. Place them in the Quick Zap along with Solfeggios, Nogiers and Sacred Geometry (Golden Ratio or Fibonacci).

Consider combining the Kidney Meridian with any adrenal or adaptogenic support frequencies from the System Overview or from libraries.