The High Vibe Nutrition Series is here

The high-vibe food course is finally here! This course begins on Wednesday, March 27th at 5pm Pacific (8pm Eastern) and continues for 3 weeks on Wednesdays (03/27, 04/3, 04/10, 04/17)
Why is this nutrition course so important? Having had the privilege of teaching biofeedback for the last 6 years, I began to notice something important. Many people in our community, who truly desired to be healthy and were sincerely using biofeedback to get better were not getting the results that I expected them to.
If you have been following me for some time, you know that I always speak to the importance of combining biofeedback with a health-supporting lifestyle and adopting a way of living that will support the changes you seek to make through resonance biofeedback. This course begins on Wednesday, March 27th at 5pm Pacific (8pm Eastern) and continues for 3 weeks on Wednesdays (03/27, 04/3, 04/10, 04/17)
We have a community that is very focused on being healthy and learning new information about how to be healthy. Unfortunately, because the field of dietary nutrition has been infiltrated by junk science, most of it done by food companies like the olive oil industry, coconut oil industry and the nut companies (walnuts being a large one), the information that people are hearing on blogs and podcasts isn't always the most beneficial for human health and isn't backed by accurate information. This wouldn't be a huge deal for someone to get something a little incorrect that they put on their website, but this kind of information could be the difference between life and death.
When I hear that clients are following a "Paleo plan", I become concerned. That is because I know that they are doing much with biofeedback to improve their lives but they are unknowingly injuring themselves with this type of food plan. Additionally, though grains have never been scientifically shown to promote inflammation. In fact, they have been shown to do the exact opposite, I speak with many people who have been advised to follow grain-free plans. This concerns me greatly, since these whole foods have an incredible power to keep you healthy and trim for life.
If you learn the truth about nutrition, you at least have knowledge on your side to guide you. It may take a little bit of time to adopt these new habits, but if you don't even have the right information, it is impossible to get this right. Through this exciting information in this course, I know your biofeedback sessions will be so much more powerful in getting the results that you want. And I really want to see that for you and for everyone that you share biofeedback with. This course begins on Wednesday, March 27th at 5pm Pacific (8pm Eastern) and continues for 3 weeks on Wednesdays (03/27, 04/3, 04/10, 04/17)
So, please, join the High Vibe Nutrition course which begins on Wednesday, March 27th at 5pm Pacific (8pm Eastern). We will be importance of considering the resonance and vibration of food as well. We know from Kirlian photography that food contains photonic light particles. Photonic light is what creates coherence within us. It is coherence that causes us to be self-organizing and self-healing beings. The more photonic light energy we can consume, the stronger and more healthful you can be.
Photonic light comes from the sun, it comes from plant-based food and it can come from consciously meditating on the heart-space within. Therefore, meditation and engaging in loving acts, such as selfless service all help to increase this photonic light and this coherent energy. The class will cover more of this information. Remember that plant foods include delicious offerings like potatoes, Jasmine rice, pasta and corn tortillas. All these foods are "on the menu" in our High Vibe Nutrition course.
The food we are focusing on is food that is delicious and easy to prepare. For 10,000 years, humans all over the world thrived through the consumption of starch-based foods. Rice in Asia, Sweet potatoes and yams on the African continent, potatoes in South America all gave rise to growing and thriving humanity around the globe. We examine this more closely in the class. These foods, contrary to popular belief, have all the nutrition that human beings require for good health. Did you know that potatoes contain every mineral, vitamin and amino acid that humans require to be healthy. There are many stories of people, who chose to live from some months and up to an entire year consuming nothing but potatoes. And they never tired of the potato. There is a reason for this. This is your food! (However, they did not put heavy toppings, only condiments on their potatoes. We will explore this further).
It turns out that whole foods like these support our vibration and help us to thrive. There is no deprivation here. In fact, it is important to get enough food in order to feel full and satiated here! Feel full and truly satisfied with this delicious food.
Please join me beginning March for one of the most important nutrition course you may have ever taken. We will talk more about how you and those you share biofeedback with can benefit immensely. It may even save the life of someone close to you. Please note that this course is foundational to our upcoming Natural Health Biofeedback Practitioner 2019 Master Course. If you would like to understand how to combine natural health principles with biofeedback, this is your course. These nutritional principles are the core foundation to the entire course.
This course will spark some exciting new awareness and has the power to create true and miraculous healing within the body! Join now - Special pricing is good only through March 19th and the class begins on Wednesday, March 27th at 5pm Pacific.