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Learning Intensive - Session 1 - Basics



Learning Intensive - Session 2 - Basics Session 2 




How to use the Quanta Capsule

In this video, your clients who use the Quanta Capsule can learn how to get set up and get started. Please also download this helpful Guide to the Genius Quanta Capsule:



How to use the Remedy Plate


How to create a Custom Playlist

With the Genius Biofeedback system, you can choose your favorite frequencies and play them quickly and easily with a Custom Playlist! Sleep Process mentioned in the video: (Guide is in the Blog Post)


How to create a Library 

How to set up a session 

This video will show to how to set up a session : How to Begin.

Master Branch Tutorial

Learn about creating a group of libraries together for easy testing with our Master Branch Function.


How to use Synergistics



 How to use the Functional Zones



How to use the Spinal Energy Panel


Spinal Energy Balancing


Food Allergies Process


How to Work with the Meridians Panel


 Triple Heater Meridian Panel



Spleen Meridian Panel


Kidney Meridian Panel

Quanta Capsule Tutorial 1


Quanta Capsule Tutorial 2


Quanta Capsule Tutorial 3


Genius Research: Stress Factors Study



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