Releasing Emotional Patterns with Essential Oils - with Dr. Carolyn Mein

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Releasing Emotional Patterns with Essential Oils

Hosted by Dr. Ariel Policano with Dr. Carolyn Mein!

Understand the book Releasing Emotional Patterns with Essential Oils on a much deeper level.

When used on the Genius, Essential Oils on Points appears to create a very powerful result.


This course includes a deep dive into the following:

- What is the emotional lesson we should be aware of in relation to viruses, fungal infections and bacteria that everyone should know?

- Emotions enter the body through the chakra energy system. Is there a way to clear these regularly and diminish emotional residue?

- How are the pancreas, thyroid and adrenals all connected to distinct emotional patterns and what is the best way to release these?

As Dr. Mein says, essential oils carry a positive vibration that speaks to our limbic system in the brain (emotional processing center). When combined with her powerful method, you can powerfully clear yourself from stuck patterns and thrive.

Includes 4 Downloadable Classes, a FREE Body Type Analysis and a FREE Guide to Dr. Carolyn Mein's recommended top 10 Essential Oils.

Class Access sent upon order completion!

Free Class Introductory Video with Dr Mein


Reviews (5)

Lisa N Mar 25th 2019

YL Oils on Point Series with Dr Carolyn Mein

What a fabulous training! I've had Dr Mein's book for years and use essential oils extensively. To hear Dr Mein explain her emotional release system put everything into a context I hadn't thought of before. To tie it all together with the use of essential oils and The Genius and case studies to walk through was eye opening with multiple "Ah ha!" moments. It's a system of self discovery for yourself or those you work on. Brilliant!

Marleau Peteron Mar 5th 2019

YL Oils On Point withCarolyn Mein

Wonderful class, learned so much. This class was fabulous listening to Dr Ariel Policano and Carolyn Mein . I really liked all the emotional connections and anatomy that was shared, The class was filled with practical information and case studies to show how to put all together with the genius and help others with their healing journeys This class will help immensely with my clients, family and friends.

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