Natural Health Mastery Program

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"I use the testing libraries from Natural Health Mastery every day. Not only can I use them, but I truly understand them. It's made a huge impact in my health and my life"

Pam M, Key Largo FL

8 Jul 2019, 12:21


"The new forms and the process are making the difference. The lessons are clear and I can use the digestive principles in everyday life - and in my Genius balancing"

Gabriele K, Alberta, CA

12 Jun 2019, 1:48


"Ariel's gift is making complicated health information extremely easy to grasp. I am able to solve health issues for myself an my family now and it has been very helpful."

Alex A, Mexico City

13 Aug 2019, 12:52


Be Your Own Doctor

Learn how the body works, how to apply this knowledge to the Genius along with cutting edge Rife frequencies, Sacred Geometry and more offered within the 50+ Genius Frequency Libraries included with this course (distributed ongoing during the course).

Digestion | Hormones | Heart | Infections | Diabetes| Adrenals |Thyroid| Weight Loss| Lyme| Enzymes & more!




Get Better Results

These special Frequency Libraries, along with your understanding of the digestive system, how hormones work, how the heart works and moves blood around the body, will help you to have a powerful far-reaching effect in using the Genius Biofeedback System.

Digestion | Hormones | Heart | Infections | Diabetes| Thyroid & More!


Powerful Content

Includes guides to over 50+ NEW Frequency Libraries, recordings of the classes, special including recording of case solving sessions where we work on powerful cases related to the topics we are studying.

Digestion | Hormones | Heart | Infections | Diabetes| Immune System and more!


Installments $259/mo


Installments $345/mo


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