Natural Health Assessments - Set #2

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Get Customized Panels and Get Better Results!

To test with the Genius Insight, these very special customized panels (also known as libraries) in Natural Health can greatly expand your reach and your results.These Customized Panels have been developed by Dr. Ariel Policano based on her 12 years practice in naturopathic medicine. Here is a full list of all the panels that you receive with this special package. Over 100 panels for testing.

This is set #2:

Addiction Assessment 1

Addiction Assessment 2 Neurotransmitters

Addiction Assessment 3 Emotions

Addiction Assessment 4 Brain

Addiction Assessment 5 Type of Addiction

Addiction Assessment 6 Thought Patterns

Addiction Solutions 1 Nutrition

Anxiety Assessment

Anxiety Solutions

Cataract Assessment 

Cataract Solutions

CBC Assessment

Chemistry Panel Assessment

Cholesterol Assessment 

Compulsive Eating Assessment

Compulsive Eating Solutions

Depression Assessment

Depression Solutions

Fibroid Assessment 

Fibroid Solutions

Food Allergy Assessment

Food Allergy Solutions

Food Allergy Testing Cortisol

Food Allergy Testing Digestive Assessment

Food Allergy Testing Nutritional

Food Allergy Testing Panel Ultimate

Gluten Assessment 1

Gluten Assessment Grain Sensitivity


PTSD Assessment

PTSD Solutions

Stress Assessment

Stress Solutions

Methylation Nutritional Support

Methylation Nutritional Support

Methylation Profile

Microbiome 1 Healthy Gut Bacteria

Microbiome 2 Less Favorable Bacteria

Microbiome 3 Replenishment

Addiction Assessment

Addiction Assessment 2 Neurotransmitters

Addiction Assessment 3 Emotional

Addiction Assessment 4 Brain

Addiction Assessment 5 Type

Addiction Assessment 6 Thought Patterns

Addiction Assessment Brain Health

Addiction Solutions 1 Nutrition. 

Weight Release 1 Core Elements

Weight Release 2 Assessment

Weight Release 3 Systems

Weight Release 4 Affirmations

Weight Release 5 Emotions

Weight Release 6 Solutions

Weight Release 7 Brown Fat

Weight Release 8 Vitamins

Weight Release 9 Minerals

Weight Release Amino Acids

Weight Release Essential Oils

Weight Release Food Plans

Weight Release Practices

Weight Release Superfoods

PCOS assessment

PCOS Hormones

PCOS Solutions

Fertility Assessment

Fertility Solutions,

Hormone Conditions

Hormone Solutions

Hormone Assessment

Men's Hormones

Men's Hormonal Remedies

Menopause Assessment 1 Hormones

Menopause Assessment 2 Lifestyle

Menopause Assessment Yin Deficiency

Menopause Solutions,

Fibroid Assessment,

Fibroid Solutions. 

Skin Assessment Panel,

Skin Assessment Panel Physiology

Skin Cancer Assessment Panel,

Skin Cancer Solutions Panel

Skin Solutions

Systems Inquiry Core Source Issue

Systems Inquiry Grading

Systems Inquiry Lifestyle Support

Systems Inquiry Under The Hood

Respiratory Conditions and Working with the Breath 

Respiratory 1 Anatomy

Respiratory 2 Breathing Practices

Respiratory 3 Herbal Solutions

Vision Assessment 1

Vision Assessment Eye Muscles

Vision Assessment Eye Anatomy

Vision Solutions.

Hearing Assessment

Hearing Assessment Chinese Medicine

Hearing Assessment Conditions

Gut Assessment

Gut Solutions

Gut Assessment Food Allergies,

Gluten Assessment Grain Sensitivity

Gluten Assessment Protein Sensitivity

Gluten Assessment Sensitivity Root Cause

Vision 1

Vision 2

Vison 3 







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