Level 4 Certification : Food Allergies, Inflammation, Migraines and more!

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Learn Cutting Edge Natural Medicine Techniques combined with the Quantum Infinity!


Level 4 Certification:

Food Allergies, Inflammation, SIBO, Seasonal Allergies and more

Begins: January 5th - 10am Pacific (&3 Mondays after that)


January 6th - 5 pm Pacific (& 3 Tuesdays after that)

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Incredible, cutting edge nutritional information that you can use immediately. Learn the real information you need to know about supplementation, how to get the best nutrition, how much you really need, food sources for the very best nourishment and much more. 

Level 4 Certification: Food Allergies, Inflammation and more!
Webinar 1
* Food Allergies and Sensitivities (with special food panels taken right from the labs that do the testing).
Webinar 2
* The truth about wheat and gluten.
    Includes shocking revelations about gluten-caused Parkinson's and other serious neurological diseases.
* SIBO - Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth (Cutting edge new digestive information).
   Why chronic gut issues may have nothing to do with large intestinal dysbiosis!
   Why your probiotics could be making your feel worse!
Webinar 3
* Inflammation - Why you get inflammation and what to do about it. 
  C-Reactive Protein, Homocysteine and other labs.
  Enzymes and anti-infectives.
  Diets that reduce inflammation.
Webinar 4
* Seasonal Allergies, Migraines and Sinus Infections
  How these are related and how to minimize each one.
  How to balance it with your Quantum Infinity. 
Special Bonus Session! Creativity and Miracles: Innovative Healing with your Quantum Infinity. Are you concerned about the combination of infections, chemtrails and toxins we are being exposed to? You can use a frequency such as, "2014 Immune Support Frequency" or "2014 Necessary Immune Boost". It is the way you phrase your hololinguistic input that can cause it to embody these all-encompassing energies. It asks for all that is needed given this set of circumstances. 
Want to see a sample of a previous webinar given by Dr. Ariel Policano? Click here 

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