Genius Master Frequency Package Elite

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"I enjoy using the Genius every day of my life! I feel great, have more confidence, more abundance has come into my life and my intuition is opening! "

Francine B, Montreal Quebec

18 AUG, 12:21

"I've used other forms of biofeedback, but this is so fast and easy to use. I love it!"

Julie R, Topeka KS

9 June 2019, 14:42

"I use the Genius for my family and have been amazed at what I can discover and solve in my world!"

Kelley H, San Diego, CA

8 Apr 2019, 10:53

If you are searching for the complete package for your Genius, this one is it. It includes some of our most sought after features including all the testing frequencies we have to offer, a remedy plate for creating elixirs, an access for a 2nd device and our Practitioner Certification Program (all downloadable, certificate upon completion).

This Package includes the following testing panels:

200 Natural Health Testing Panels
Endocrine Regeneration Testing Panels
Young Living Oils Panels
Guna Energetic Testing
Pekana Spagyric Remedies
Vessel Harmonizing Program
Animal Healing Frequencies (Cat, Dog, Horse)
Rife Frequencies for Wellness
Traumatic Brain Injury
Concussion Disturbance Assessment
Organic Acids Assessment Test
Nerve Tonifying Program
Interstitium (Extracellular Matrix)
Medicinal Mushrooms Testing Panel
Premier Research Products
Standard Process Testing Panel
Assemblage Point Testing Panel
Dermatomal Program
Bone Anatomy
San Pharm Remedies
Working with Archangels Frequencies
Gammadyn OligoElements
Microtuble Activation program
Past Life Trauma Clearing
Cellular Freedom Technique Clearing
Brain Protocol
Schussler Cell Salts
Living Tree Orchid Essences
Food Testing Panels
Musculoskeletal System
Ligaments and Joints
Biotics Supplements Testing library
Colds/Flu Panels
Flower Essence on Meridian Point
DesBio Frequency Testing
Cellular Freedom Technique (Panels only)
Acne Assessment and Solutions
Xymogen Supplements
Lymphatic Disturbance Assessment/Solutions
Urinary Tract Disturbance Assessment/Solutions

Includes the Remedy and Broadcast Plate

Includes Practitioner Certification

Includes 8 downloadable classes incorporating special strategies and protocols for energetic harmonization of various issues.

Includes our Practitioner Success Kit:
Tote bag for away sessions
Practitioner Certificate (after course completion)
Practice Notebook
Silicon Wristbands to imprint frequencies
Remedy Bottle for water remedies
Client forms for sessions
Practitioner Brochures


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