Genius Learning Intensive

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"The Genius Learning Intensive is a must for any user of the Genius!" - Dominga C.

"I have used the Genius for several years, but this class made me feel like a newbie. I can't believe how much I have learned." - Betty Lou B.

"Great Class!" - Dale M.

"This class helped me to put the pieces together! Love the way this class brings clarity to very practical uses for the Genius" - Lisa K.

The reviews are in! The Learning Intensive is something that everyone loves and has found that it helped them to use the Genius in new and dynamic ways. And people are using it way more often!

Check out everything that you get with our Learning Intensive recordings and special Protocols!


8 hours of training recordings - so practical, do the steps with us!

Suitable for ANYONE - new or advanced

Step-by-step protocols in many areas

Excellent tips for using the Synergistics, Response Assessment, making remedies and much more!

Ariel answers some of the most often asked questions about the Genius!


How does the Genius scan and how does it send balancing frequencies?

Set up your first session and get started balancing by the end of class!

Step-by-Step Testing Protocol for Beginner's!

Let's do sessions together! Set up and harmonize right in class!

Anti-Inflammatory Process Included - Step by Step PDF download!

Learning Intensive Day 3

Home Clearing, Global Healing and more!

Harmonize microcirculation!

Use Sacred Geometry - Secrets of Vesica Piscis

Reducing Bloating Genius Process PDF Download!

Telomere Lengthening & Anti-aging Process PDF Download


Reviews (3)

Sophie Aug 17th 2019

Tips I needed for my practice

I am really enjoying using the protocols PDF's given during class, especially anti-inflammatory and microcirculation! Thank you, this was excellent and so well-done!

Dominga C Aug 17th 2019

This is a MUST-DO class for any user!

Learned so much that I did not know and I have been using the Genius for a while. So many possibilities, I love it!

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