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"I enjoy using the Genius every day of my life! I feel great, have more confidence, more abundance has come into my life and my intuition is opening! "

Francine B, Montreal Quebec

18 AUG, 12:21

"I've used other forms of biofeedback, but this is so fast and easy to use. I love it!"

Julie R, Topeka KS

9 June 2019, 14:42

"I use the Genius for my family and have been amazed at what I can discover and solve in my world!"

Kelley H, San Diego, CA

8 Apr 2019, 10:53

Complete list of everything currently in the Elite Package:

  • Genius Software with all Updates
  • All items in Upgraded Package
  • Additional Device Access
  • Water Harmonizer
  • Libraries included: Blood Sugar, Diabetes, Autoimmunity Pack, Detoxification Frequencies, Traumatic Brain Injury, Pineal Gland Activation, EMF Protection, Relationship Healing (Bliss of Union), Vagus Nerve Harmonizing, Skin Rejuvenation Series, Young Living Oils, Manifestational Magic, Dermatomes Viral Healing, Mycotoxins: Clearing and Reclaiming Health, Past Trauma Healing, Rife Frequencies for Wellness, Root Cause: Discover the Root Cause, Money Magnetizing Frequencies, Cold/Flu Pack Prevention, Epstein Barr Clearing, Biofilm Clearing, Sleep Balancing, Fat Meltaway Frequencies, Histamine Harmonization, Telomere Activation, Mitochondrial Rejuvenation, Animal Healing Libraries, Archangels and Body Repair Codes



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Amy B Nov 9th 2020

My Sleep is so much better!

I have been so so stressed it had affected my sleep! After 15 minutes of playing the frequencies, I fell into a deep sleep! I love the Elite Package for the value. I have ways to work with past trauma, brain injuries and much more! I was not very tech savvy, but the educational resources and support made it all possible.

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