Biological Dentistry - Have the Healthiest Teeth for Life Webinar Series

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  • Are root canals safe? 
  • What are the best products to use on your teeth?
  • Do changes in your pituitary change the natural mechanisms that protect your teeth? 
  • Can low thyroid function affect the flow of energy through the teeth? 
  • Does your body naturally heal cavities
  • What one common ingredient in most holistic toothpastes MUST be avoided
  • Practices you must do each and every day for optimal dental health
  • The best tooth products for mineralizing the teeth
  • Relationship of teeth to organs of the body. 
  • Teeth and emotions.
  • Metaphysical reasons for chronic dental issues. 
  • Best tooth products for properly removing bacteria and biofilms. 
  • How to ozonate your mouth each day.
  • Use of tongue scraping to keep teeth healthy.
  • Is every root canal an absolute case for removal? 
  • Doesn't your dentist use ozone? Why not? 
  • What are the best dental materials for optimal health? 
  • What times of year are best for dental procedures? 
  • After amalgam removal, do heavy metals remain? 
  • How do you best to a heavy metal cleanse? 
  • What are the procedures to remineralize teeth? 

This includes 2 webinars about dental health. 


It does not include the Dental Libraries, which can be purchased separately. 


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