Biological Dentistry Course (Including 8 Libraries)

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Have you ever wondered if the health of your teeth is related to the health of the rest of your body? The wellbeing of your teeth is connected in many ways to every other part of the body. Each tooth is connect to various organs and glands of the body. When a tooth is infected, it could cause a shift in energy to these related organs. In this course, we will cover the basic pricinciples of Biological Dentistry and explore these connections. We will also look at:

  • What are the best dental cleaning practices and products to keep your teeth safe for life? 
  • What is the truth about root canals? Can they be safe or should they be avoided completely? 
  • What nutrition can help teeth to be well mineralized and strong? 
  • How can you clear and harmonize dental issues with the Genius? 

Join us for this exciting 3 part course on Biological Dentistry and Biofeedback. The course begins on Thursday, July 15th at 12pm PDT. Here are the exact dates:

Session 1 Thursday (7/15) - Understanding the relationship between the teeth, the organs and the meridians. How infections and other issues with the teeth affect the flow of energy in the body. 

Session 2  Thursday (7/22) - Are root canals safe? What are the implications? What are the safest fillings? Should you be concerned about dental materials? Are toothpastes with glycerin ideal? 

Session 3 Thursday (7/29)- Cutting edge tools to mineralize teeth, maintain healthy gums, clear dental infections and much more..

This series also includes an entirely new set of libraries for Biological Dentistry that will work in synergy with these libraries (these libraries are not included but you may want to have them to work with for the course) 

1) Dental Health Series Libraries 

2) Biological Dentistry 


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