Practitioner Certificate Level 2 - Solving Chronic Cases

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Biofeedback Practitioner 2
Advanced Practitioner Training 
The incidence of cancer has been growing exponentially for the last 3 decades. What does it mean to have cancer? Are cancers a normal part of life and also a touchstone guiding us to make important changes? Biofeedback holds a special place in the world. We can check energetic status and see things in the energy field before they manifest in the physical body. We can also send frequencies for positive and powerful change. Learn how to use this in practical terms during this special series in cancer. Prevent through increased awareness and regular energetic harmonizing. Help people who seek to know more about how biofeedback can help them when faced with difficult circumstances. 
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You can see the libraries included in Practitioner training here:
Lesson 1 - What is cancer anyway? What is cancer? Should you be concerned with cancer? Is it a death sentence? What are the causes? Understand the ways to test people with cancer and people are concerned with cancer. Learn how to intelligently explain the results. Assist people with cancer and those who want to prevent it! Biofeedback Harmonizing Lesson 1 - “Show me how its done!” Live case analysis. Class is recorded and available for you to watch as often as possible.
Lesson 2 - “Race for the cause” - How to harmonize the gut and improve cancer
Disease begins in the gut. A case of cancer is almost always associated with a breakdown in the gut. How is this assessed? How is it healed? How do you harmonize this with biofeedback? 
Biofeedback Harmonizing Lesson 2 - “Show me how its done!” 
Cancer digestive testing libraries for your Genius
Lesson 3 “Race for the cause" -  Causes of Cancer 
What panels can we look at to better understand the soil that cancer is based in. That is to say, test and harmonize the root causes for miraculous results! 
Lesson 4 Time Travel Technique - Clearing Emotional Residue
Cancer and chronic illness is often rooted in a wound that we just cannot heal on some level. Time travel technique allows us to unwind and clear that wound so the person can move on to powerful healing. 
Lesson 5 How to Harmonize Cases Systematically - Use a system for greater success. 
Session 6  "Harmonizing Strategies: Cutting Edge Remedies" - Immune system basics, understanding the P53 tumor suppressor gene and its role in cancer and introduction to natural remedies. 
Biofeedback Harmonizing Lesson 6  - How to use biofeedback to test the immune system, use biofeedback to find out more about the P53 suppressor and special affirmations for moving frequency in a positive direction. 
Session 7  How to create harmony with clients - Digestive Practices, how to order your sessions, how to interpret results.
Biofeedback Harmonizing Lesson 7 - Combining frequencies with cutting-edge remedies. 
Class 8 Harmonizing Strategies - Bringing it all together - how to solve cases with the Healing Chronic Cases system. 
You receive:
- 8 videos - review as many times as you wish.  
- Time Travel Technique Guide.
- Digestive Wellness Practices for your clients (handout).
- Wellness Practices for your clients (handout). 
- Guide to running sessions.

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Robin Thomason Apr 20th 2022

Great Course

I enjoyed the eight classes on working with chronic cases. Great information and tips on using the Genius to help others with long standing health issues.

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